The Powerful Branding Video

Today, we live in a visual, interactive digital age.  Many people prefer to watch a video online than read a pamphlet or brochure.  A website is one of the most powerful methods of branding and establishing credibility for a business.

If you don't have a website you are missing out on an incredible number of opportunities for business.  With a website, potential clients can learn more information about you and your business, your product, or your service.  Your website is also a place they can refer to for common concerns, or to contact you with a question, suggestion or complaint. They can also refer a friend and other potential clients. 

A great tool to enhance your website and help increase sales would be the "Branding Video." 

Here’s a fantastic example to a local Miami Branding Video we’ve created for NSI Insurance Group.

Say you just found a product online that youd been seeking for sometime.  You're probably very happy!  But does that mean you're ready to purchase?  Will you give your credit card number just like that?  Unless its a known brand name or a recognized company, probably not.  First, you'd like more information about the product or service, followed by more information about the company that produces it.  And moments before the purchase, you want to be sure your transaction is safe and secure, and that you will receive your product, and on time.

Reading all of these details could potentially take a good amount of time.  You could browse through the site's pictures as well, which adds a few more minutes.

Now, imagine you could get exactly the same information in only two to three minutes, while seeing the product in action, seeing the people who produce it, and getting some of your questions answered all within a high-quality presentation.  Would that change your approach?  Branding videos deliver information in a short time, engage the customer, move the buyer closer to buying your product or service, and, above all, establish credibility for your product or service.

If you have a website already, it’s time to use video as a platform to promote your sales. It’s as good as it sounds!

At Vision Movies, a Miami Video Production, we work with many different clients from all industries. We identify their needs and their target audience, and help them craft a unique and exciting message, that encourages prospects to take action and contact them. Eventually, it turns into ROI.

For more examples and additional information and to see how we can help you create an impact in your industry, visit us at:


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